Neo +

Brings you the best of the coffee shop and Coffee to go experience.

The interactive and intuitive touch screen has been developed with the Neo+ user in mind; consumers . Neo screen provides in all cases an attractive, coherent and frictionless human-machine interaction for an outstanding experience and easy operation experience for you, your customers and your colleagues. Its innovative, sleek and perfectly proportioned design provides
a stunning look and feel that will enhance any environment.

Distinctive, modern, elegant

The screen is designed to maximise the coffee experience, guiding the user through a visual and self-explanatory interface. There is also a Second 21,5” inch Multimedia Screen option that can help engage with the user and to provide different information. The machine is adapted to the modern lifestyle needs by providing different Coffee Shop drink customisation and payments  

It also features an Own Cup feature which allows the use of one’s cup as an alternative to use a disposable cup, which helps preserve the environment.

It’s all about the blend

Our Coffee is Ethically souced from South America and East Africa. Our Blend has been carefully selected for the perfect coffee. 

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