Vending ingredients

Vending Ingredients

Premier vend offer a wide range of Vending Ingredients, from Coffee beans, fresh brew coffee to Office Tea and Ancillary. Our full range of Ingredients are in stock at Premier Vend, ready and available for next working day delivery. We have been working hard over the past few years to offer our customers a premium range of coffee machine ingredients at a great cost. It’s all about the blend. We totally understand how important it is to stand out and give your customers a great cup of coffee, that is why we are confident we can offer exactly that. We guarantee to bring the coffee shop drink s to the work place

Creed 100% Milk

 100% Granulated Milk Powder

Fat free


100% dairy goodness

Creed Chocolate

Vending Hot Chocolate

HVO Free

Premium Quality Chocolate

Creed Blend 34

Carefully selected blend of Arabica and Robusta beans  with only the finest coffee notes extracted, this freeze dried coffee with its rich aroma and intense flavour 


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