Smart Fridge 

The Way Forward

The Smart Fridge is to provide convenience to the consumers with ‘Grab & Go’ concept with our contacless payment system. Touch your card to unlock the door and pick your desired item. You are free to look and feel any of our products before deciding to make a purchase.

More accessible payments for more consumers

Nayax offers solutions for both open and closed environments. The more payment methods your machine has to offer, the more consumers and sales you will gain.Nayax offers a complete prepaid payment system for closed environments like offices, hospitals and universities. Nayax offers a complete open and closed environment solution that helps the operators gain steady revenue. With revenue from consumers who use prepaid solutions as well as from visitors who use their credit cards to purchase products. Operators can offer discounts, rewards, happy hour and loyalty campaigns using Nayax’s prepaid solution (employee/ID card, a key fob or loyalty card/app) while visitors will pay full price with open payment methods like credit cards or mobile apps.


Our Intelligent Fridge closes the gap between vending machines and cafeterias. The smart Fridge offer easy, fresh, and low-cost food, which is available 24 hours a day. All locations can benefit from our smart fridge offering fresh and healthy food to your employees or visitors.

Food at work plays an increasingly important role in contributing to a good and balanced working life. The smart fridge new, stylish self-service catering solution that is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of fresh and convenient food, salads, sandwiches, snacks, coffee and chilled drinks at the workplace, providing an unattended alternative to kiosks and  canteens.

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