Swing vending machine

Swing, the coolest dispenser on the market

Swing is the new Necta dispenser which brings enhanced performances and quality to the core segment of the Impulse market. It responds to the need for a reliable, high-capacity model, compact yet flexible; which can be comprehensively customized in terms of the product offer.

Swings benefits of an optimized and fexlible internal configuration which allows the management of a many  different packaging sizes and products.


The greatest flexibilty at your service

The greatest flexibilty at your service

Possibility to install Visio-Shop tray which replace the Inox Sandwich tray with a minimum of 2 Visio-shop trays, it is possible to create a bulky area in order to dispense huge variety of food products .New quick release guides for trays (V-Flex System)Enhanced delivery bin opening

Distinctive, modern, elegant

internal configuration which allows the management of a many  different packaging sizes and product Combined to this, Swing has reached a market-leading energy efficiency, C class, according to the new European Ecolabelling. In addition to its green credentials, Swing raises the bar in its sector with its great flexibility, in terms of both operation and configuration.

‘Swing really is the first in a new generation of vending machines’, Evoca Sales Director Craig Jukes said. ‘Thanks to the high performance of the refrigeration and insulation systems, Swing will reduce energy consumption by up to 70% compared with its predecessors. This is an extremely important development as it helps reduce running costs as well as address some of the environmental issues that we are all concerned about.

Internally, LED lighting and a bright white interior ensures optimum product visibility. ‘Additionally, thanks to V Flex, the quick positioning system which controls the guides that support the trays, operators can create, the perfect set up for the product mix on offer in just a few minutes’, Craig said.

The first Swing machines have now arrived in the UK. Please contact your Evoca Group account manager for further information.
*For more about the Evoca Group’s adoption of R290 refrigerant technology, click HERE

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