Vitro 2

Distinctive, modern, elegant

Vitro 2
Vitro 2

Vitro S2 Instant

The Vitro S2 instant is a quick and compact soluble machine which features two coffees, chocolate and milk as standard with the ability to substitute sugar or other soluble products

Distinctive, modern, elegant

Vitro’s smoked glass door and touch screen user interface elegantly displays a comprehensive
menu. It’s a state of the art combination that will complement any location. The user display, together with the cup positioning lighting system and intuitive tray position, guides the user through a simple and pleasing experience, every time they order a drink. The customisable mood lighting installed along the door can easily be changed to match any colour scheme. The intelligent lighting system for the dispensing area and the beverage locator can also be changed to suit its environment

vitro coffee machine

Distinctive, modern, elegant

The Vitro range of professional hot beverage machines is designed with attention to every detail. After investigating the current design trends in the coffee industry and finding
out what consumers and operators expect from an automatic coffee machine, we believe we’ve created a machine that combines our experience as manufacturers with a contemporary, aesthetic and timeless design . Every aspect of Vitro enhances the user experience, the culmination of which sets the range apart from other beverage systems. Thanks to our uncompromising focus on continuous development and innovation, we’ve fused our growing knowledge with the demands of a fast-changing world. We’ve focused on what’s most important: offering the best machine and the best product; taking care of the smallest details and giving unmistakeable personality and identity to the whole Vitro range.

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